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Yokomo YD-2S PLUS Review

One of the first chassis that comes to mind when it comes to RWD Drift is Yokomo YD2. I can say that the chassis, which is one of the RWD drift arcs produced by Yokomo, is cut out for the users who want to buy and create the most suitable vehicle for their style, whether it is the success in the races or the option parts and upgrade kits offered to the vehicle. YD-2S Plus, users who want to take one step further to professionalism...
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ToolkitRC M6 V2 Review

Video Review: https://youtu.be/cGPm72fjVa4 We are faced with the most competitive model of cheap LiPo chargers ......

ISDT Q8 Review

ISDT, the rising star of lipo chargers, is our guest to review with its new generation. Q8, which went on sale in the past months,...
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3Racing Sakura D5 Seen

D5, the top model of the Sakura D4, one of the most popular chassis in the drift world, was seen. Proceeding with the principle of reasonable price / sufficient performance, 3Racing has achieved very successful vehicles to this day. A problematic exit with the Sakura D4...

Yokomo Introduces Ultra Light Hex For YD-2

Yokomo introduced a new axle and hex combo for YD2. The front axle, which was 4.4gr in the original, has been reduced to 1.9gr in the light version. Reducing the weight of the rotating parts in this way can provide a huge performance increase. Front bearings...

ETS Race Canceled Due To Coronavirus

The 3rd leg of the Euro Touring Series (ETS), one of the biggest RC championships, to be run in Berlin, has been canceled due to the coronavirus. The organization, which announced via Facebook, is in Berlin as the virus continues to increase in Europe....

Mon-Tech Launches New Onroad Wings

Italy-based Mon-Tech introduced its new touring wings. Designed for 190mm wide racing caps, the wings offer options for both AWD and FWD vehicles. The first wing produced for the new mold technique (for AWD), more powerful...

SRT BH615S HV Low Profile Servo Coming Soon

SRT, which has attracted attention with the BH815S model in the past months, is now getting ready to face model car enthusiasts with the BH615S model. In the BH815S model, the 8.4v operating voltage that we are not used to seeing is very much...

7075.it Introduces New LiPo Slot for T4'20

Known for its innovative option parts, 7075.it introduced a new LiPo slot for the 2020 model Xray T4. The new socket, made of 3mm aluminum, holds the battery from both inside and outside, towards places that should not come into contact...
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