Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition Review

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition, as the name implies, is one of Futaba's special products. Futaba is already one of the leading brands that are known worldwide with its quality controls, and this control has taken this pioneering step further. The lines of the 4PXR Control are; ease of use, high response time, color TFT screen.

Control is one of the most important parts for model car users. The better your controller can reflect your movements to your vehicle, the more efficient you can drive. In addition, the weight of your controller, the information you can access from the screen on it, and the shortcut keys on the controller can provide you… All of these are variables that can turn into an advantage or disadvantage for you. In Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition, all of these have been translated in favor of the user.

Futaba 4PX-R Limited Edition

Details of Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition

The first time you see the remote, you throw all its features aside and be fascinated by its appearance. Because; Chromed appearance, colorful screen and red lights enchant you. Almost every key and point on the remote is designed with ergonomics in mind. There's even a rotatable antenna on the front of the remote that you won't notice from a distance.


Futaba's hidden antenna in the 4PX still holds its place in this model. The main purpose of this antenna is to increase the pull in case of possible distance increase, and you do this by slowly turning the antenna and placing it in an upright position. We never needed to turn this antenna on and turn on this remote control, and we did not experience any pulling and loss of reaction when using the Maltepe model car track.

Chrome and Red… FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition…

Starting from the interesting body paint of the controller, we can start moving towards ergonomics and use. The chrome effect and reflections on the remote make you feel like you have a really special product. However, as if every rose has a thorn, it is the only disadvantage that the fingerprints can easily be seen on this paint effect. This combination has managed to achieve incredible elegance, and the fascinating design Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition has emerged. Of course, this was not the only difference. When it first came out, there was a software difference between 4PX and there was a special mode called Racing Mode in 4PXR. Then Futaba offered the same software to 4PX as an update. With this software, the feeling and quality of driving was carried to higher levels.

Futaba 4PX-R Limited EditionWe have reached the point where the heart of Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition is beating now, there is a full 3.5 ″ (89mm) TFT color display on the product. The design and lighting of the screen is so good that it can be read perfectly under almost any light condition. Through this screen, the user of the vehicle can see lap time, voltage values, trim conditions and rates in a single area. This provides great convenience to the pilot, especially during the race. Speaking of the screen, a question arises as to how the menu should be.

The menu of Futaba 4PX-R Limited Edition is as simple and user-friendly as the home screen. You can also navigate through the options in the menu with the stick button under the screen of the device and make changes with the buttons in the same area. This design brings the opportunity to make quick adjustments.

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition Menü

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition Ergonomics

An important point in the design of the controller is its ergonomic structure. Because, in long-term use (eg GP final stages take 40-45min), the control should not hurt your arm. At this point, I can say that the weight of the controller is good considering the comments of the personal and long-term user. According to the factory data of the controller, the weight is the same as 4PX, but it weighs about 555g, 15gr lighter than the old generation professional version 4PKS-R.

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition has a hand-fitting structure. Thanks to this structure, you can grasp the control more easily and control the gas trigger. Apart from the gas trigger, you can also access the keys on the control handle with your thumb, which are under the steering wheel with the thumb of your hand that you hold the remote control.

The control comes as standard for the right-handers, but the steering part can be moved to the left by making a conversion to the left-handers. Thus, the control is able to meet the needs of each user. It is also possible to use offset for the steering part that offset is applied to the steering wheel of the control you see and see in the pictures.

Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition

There is a vibration feature of the grip area of the control. Vibration feature; race time, battery drain, etc. situations can also come on to alert you even in noisy environments. Of course, the warning feature of the controller is not limited to this. 4PXR Limited Edition also has a headphone jack, when the headphone is connected to this point, it transmits the telemetry warnings about you.

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition Genel 2

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition

In addition, the lower back part of the remote (black Futaba inscribed in the photo above) is the hotkey. You can use this key by simply touching your body without taking your hands off the control.

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition Menu Structure

Futaba is also known for its user-friendly simple interface menus. While it is important for many users that these menus are easily accessible and understandable, the practicality and shortcuts it offers are also very important for professional users. Today, model memory, which has become standardized in many controls, general adjustments are also available in Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition and can be used easily. You can create 40 profiles in this remote.

FUTABA 4PXR Limited Edition Menü

You can make fine adjustments on how much the throttle will react or how the steering response can be via the remote. Navigating within the menus of the controller is quite easy thanks to the stick button. In the menu, the type of receiver to be used by the controller, telemetry support, etc. There are many settings support and all of these settings are explained in detail by Futaba in the booklet.

Our Conclusion About Futaba 4PXR Limited Edition

It is definitely a very good control in terms of comfort in the first place, neither too big nor too small. For this reason, it sits very well in the hand. In addition, it is able to ensure that you count the tour time without leaving your hand with the shortcut key advantages it offers. While you can use it in full concentration during the race, the control can also provide you with information by ear or eye vibration, so that you can get information without taking your eyes. The color match of the controller is very nice, but if you are an obsessive person, I am, you may not want a color that leaves a mark when you touch it.

The control also gives very good results with high response time, for example, even the slightest vibration you make in the steering section instantly transmits to the servos of the car. The controller deserves applause in terms of ergonomics, material quality and performance.

In preparing this article, we support us by delivering their controls; Celil CAKMAK and Mert Can CAKMAKThank you to.

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